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Big Tree Planting

How big?

Most retail nurseries sell trees that their customers can easily lift and transport in passenger cars. 


With our custom equipment and specialized big tree planting techniques, we offer a variety of larger trees, many with root balls in excess of 400 lbs and as tall as 20 to 25 ft on day of installation!


We plant your new tree(s) with the utmost of care and expertise, using high quality nursery stock, nutrient rich organic compost, and state of the art soil amendments.



Newly planted trees require 20-30 gallons of water, per tree, per week during the first two growing seasons. 


Generally, watering should begin in  May and extend through October.  


Don't forget that mature trees need water in the summer too!

Tree Planting 1-2-3

Step 1:
Bring a tree home from the nursery
Step 2:
Dig a hole
Step 3:
Hang out and enjoy your new tree!
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