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What is a consultation?

Often, consulting with an arborist  is just what you need to move forward on a project.  Whether it's a report to submit for a City permit or a letter for your neighobr about a property line tree, we can help.

Consultation Services include:
Free Estimate vs. Consultation

If you have already decided to remove or prune your tree, we'll be happy to provide an estimate for the work at no charge. 


If you are looking for recomendations, advice, information, or an arborist report, we charge an hourly rate for Justin's time and expertise.

  • Arborist Reports

  • Buying or Selling a house

  • Construction Site Mitigation

  • Tree Preservation Plans

  • Hazard Evaluations

  • Soil Inspections and Testing

  • Root Inspections

  • Insurance Claims

  • Expert Witness

  • Tree Inventories

  • Recomendations & Advice


More photos to come soon...In the mean time, please enjoy these nice shots of Maggie (on the left) and Aspen (on the right)
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