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Big Tree Planting

Due to the State of Oregon's Incompetence and Ignorance, we are currently being fined heavily for planting trees. 
How It Works in Oregon
The State of Oregon requires a tree service to maintain a license from the Construction Contractors Board (CCB) in order to operate.   
It also requires a second, redundant license from the Landscape Contractors Board (LCB) specifically to plant trees.
However, landscapers that don't climb trees, are not required to have a CCB license. So,to be clear, tree guys are required to have two licenses, while landscapers only have one.
I have maintained a flawless record with the CCB since I started my business. I became an ISA Certified Arborist before I went into business for myself.   Neither the CCB nor the LCB nor the ISA have ever received a single complaint about me or my business practices.
As most intelligent people are aware, tree planting and installation is a fundamental component of being a Certified Arborist . Until such a time that the officials at the CCB and LCB become enlightened, the thuggery, ignorance, and incompetence will continue the hostile business environment that exists in Oregon, all at the tax payers expense. 
If you do want a tree planted, call a home builder.  They are allowed to plant trees legally in Oregon under their CCB license without any additional training or consideration. 
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